créateur d'ambiance

Ziad Raphael Nassar is recognized as one of the finest wedding designers in the Middle East. Always innovative & daring to push boundaries, Ziad is never short of surpassing expectations. His incredible portfolio built over the last fifteen years includes an impressive array of royals & elite clients & his expertise has made him internationally sought after. A master of creation, Ziad made it his mission to understand his clients & manifest reality where there were only dreams, turning every event into a timeless piece of art.

In 2007, Ziad moved back to Lebanon to found “ONCE”, his wedding planning company. ONCE provides full-fledged services for all sorts of events in the Middle East, Europe & Africa, transforming the clients’ vision into reality and creating impeccable experiences and unforgettable memories.

As its first coffee-table book on weddings, New York publishing house, Assouline, published Ziad’s “Once Weddings” in 2012 as a testimony to his creative designs and unmatched masterpieces.
In 2020, the publishing house also published Nassar’s second edition featuring his most prominent work, “Ziad Raphael Nassar”.

Known as “Créateur d’ambiance”, Ziad’s creativity goes beyond weddings and events.
In 2022, Nassar launched his first ever home accessories collection inspired by each of our senses, revealing the mastermind’s ability to design and create ambiances that speak to us on a higher level.

Being the “Avant Gardiste” that he is, Ziad is now taking the world by storm and elevating his work to the next level by being the first wedding planner to transform his masterpieces to digital art and design virtual weddings.